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AIQ is an online platform developed by IITians catering to futuristic educational demands.  AIQ offers range of services to students & institutions.

AIQ-Prarambh: Enabling budding minds to have the career options which could help them to accomplish personal aspirations while effectively participating in the glorious nation building paths.

Know more about PRARAMBH at https://www.aiqonline.in/faq.php

AIQ-OEaaS: Online Exams as a Service – AI enabled proctored online exam platform empowering institutions to register students, instantly setup & conduct exam and publish results.

AIQ-One Nation One Exam: Initiated on concept of uniformity, the much desired and accepted way of evaluation for 12th class students.  This online preparatory exam will boost student’s confidence, help identify area to focus on, showcase the acquired knowledge & win rewards!



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